2015 Tournament Checklist

There are some thing we must make sure are done by tournament.  Here is the Team 5616 Tournament Checklist for 2015:


  • Make sure the electronic team roster and consent and release forms are updated to include all team members going to Orlando
  • Finalize team name (Green Machine?)
  • Add all sponsors and update team name in TIMS
  • Purchase SWAG to pass out to other teams
  • Build the control station mounting board
  • Design a team logo?
  • T shirts to include team name and sponsors
  • Placard listing sponsors in the pits
  • Sponsor placard for robot – install on robot in Orlando
  • Team number – 4 sides – install on robot in Orlando
  • Determine what tools we need to take
  • Spare parts – single point failures (jaguars, tote hooks, etc.)
  • Spruce up the team website
  • Team flag?
  • Make parent mailing list


Robot To-Do

  • Install the tote swing limit/stabilization bolts to the faceplate
  • Install the limit switch
  • Relocate the emergency cut off button?
  • Determine the location and mounting design for the team number (4 sides)
  • Determine the location and mounting design for the placard showing all our sponsors
  • Make a robot cart