Who Is The Green Machine?

Team 5616 “The Green Machine” is the FIRST Robotics Competition team from Choctawhatchee High School in Fort Walton Beach, FL.

First Logo

Our History

We’ve been competing since the 2015 game “Recycle Rush”. Our team consists of a large group of friends, classmates, and teammates.

While we’re still relatively new,¬†we’re a hard working team, dedicated to getting the job done, while also ensuring that everything works great. We might not have a giant team like everyone else, but we compensate by working together all the time.


This robot was designed to pick up two crates at the same time while also moving fast and being agile. Sadly, we no longer have it.


Front of 2016 Robot

Our robot, agile and quick, performed 36th place in the Orlando Regional. We designed our robot to take down the shorter barriers and shoot boulders into the tower.

2017 Robot

Our 2017 FRC Robot is in construction!